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I highly recommend Precision DPF Services to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient cleaning service. The investment is well worth the peace of mind that comes with choosing a top-tier service.

Fermin Molina

Great company! They clean DPF filters in 24 hours with a unique water cleaning system that beats heat cleaning systems. Would recommend to anyone with a fleet of diesel trucks or to diesel mechanics.

Roy Austin

Great service! They are super professional and they got my filter ready within 24 hours!with a full report of how dirty it was totally recommend them


Great business ran by men who are very knowledgeable in the DPF space. The communication was fluid and informative from first inquiring over the phone until my DPF was dropped off and ready to be picked up. Very reputable business with up to date equipment and quick turn around.

Cameron Dawson

Best place to go to. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable . I highly recommend them for your diesel filter cleanings. They helped me solve a problem I was having with the state of the art equipment they have. Thank you Oscard for the close attention to detail which is what I like so much.

Edward Villanueva

Excellent service, less than 24 hours. They are very clean and professional. I recommend them so much, it's worth the price.

Excellent service, less than 24 hours. They are very clean and professional. I highly recommend them, the price is worth it.

Mol Fer

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